Wildwoods, NJ (Part 2)

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In last week’s post I mentioned that my husband and I went to Wildwoods, NJ to see my sister compete in colorguard championships. When she wasn’t competing we found ways to “kill time.” Two of the days we decided to check out the boardwalk, which isn’t lacking…

There are plenty of restaurants and eateries. I personally recommend Stewart’s. They have great rootbeer and good food. We also enjoyed their rooftop seating. However, food is not the only thing in generous supply. There are plenty of amusement rides, arcades, shops, and more… In fact, we took a step back in time, when we visited a vintage arcade.  It had a large assortment of pinball machines and old favorites. It will either give you the creeps or remind you of the good ole’ times. We decided to try and play the TMNT game. However, the game didn’t work properly, after an arcade assistant returned our money, we returned to 2015. Personally, I think we’ll stick to modern arcades from now on.

Among the other things to do, there’s mini golf and an aquarium. We stopped by the aquarium, since there was a lady standing outside with a snake wrapped around her. Although, we didn’t go inside, I did get to touch the snake. She also handed me an advertisement that listed some of the things they offer, including a shark touch tank.

There is plenty to do in Wildwoods, NJ. However, we didn’t get to explore much in the area, other than the boardwalk. But, it seems entirely possible to fill your weekend with things to do right there. Particularly if you like food, arcades, and amusement rides.

Have you been to the area? What were your favorite things?