Missing the OBX

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Well, it’s a new year and it’s starting to feel a lot like winter. The temperatures have been below freezing this wBeach NCeek. And I can’t help but yearn for warmer months and a trip to the OBX. So I’m sharing with you this picture which was taken during our September trip to the OBX. Fond memories come to mind and I can almost picture the sand between my toes.  Anyone else missing barefoot beach weather or is it just me?



Wildwoods, NJ (Part 2)

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In last week’s post I mentioned that my husband and I went to Wildwoods, NJ to see my sister compete in colorguard championships. When she wasn’t competing we found ways to “kill time.” Two of the days we decided to check out the boardwalk, which isn’t lacking…

There are plenty of restaurants and eateries. I personally recommend Stewart’s. They have great rootbeer and good food. We also enjoyed their rooftop seating. However, food is not the only thing in generous supply. There are plenty of amusement rides, arcades, shops, and more… In fact, we took a step back in time, when we visited a vintage arcade.  It had a large assortment of pinball machines and old favorites. It will either give you the creeps or remind you of the good ole’ times. We decided to try and play the TMNT game. However, the game didn’t work properly, after an arcade assistant returned our money, we returned to 2015. Personally, I think we’ll stick to modern arcades from now on.

Among the other things to do, there’s mini golf and an aquarium. We stopped by the aquarium, since there was a lady standing outside with a snake wrapped around her. Although, we didn’t go inside, I did get to touch the snake. She also handed me an advertisement that listed some of the things they offer, including a shark touch tank.

There is plenty to do in Wildwoods, NJ. However, we didn’t get to explore much in the area, other than the boardwalk. But, it seems entirely possible to fill your weekend with things to do right there. Particularly if you like food, arcades, and amusement rides.

Have you been to the area? What were your favorite things?

Wildwoods, NJ (Part 1)

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This past weekend was an adventure, to say the least. My “baby” sister is a senior in high school and a part of colorguard. This year they went to championships in Wildwoods, NJ. My husband and I made plans to see her perform on Friday at the Prelims. Unfortunately, I didn’t put enough forethought into the weekend and only booked one night. I had luckily found a great deal via Groupon for that night. We arrived Friday in Absecon, NJ (outside of Atlantic City).

Jessica (my sister) performed that evening. They put on an amazing show. This meant they were moving on to semi-finals on Saturday, with a chance of passing on to finals on Sunday. We were excited for her, but had a decision to make. Do we stay another night or say “good luck” and head home. We hadn’t really planned for this, my mistake since I hadn’t thought it through. So after much deliberation we decided we needed to find somewhere to stay for the night. Our budget is currently tight, since we’re saving for a back deck (which is another story all together).

If you’re on a tight budget, here are a few tips… Look on Groupon for getaway deals. I’ve also heard Living Social is another good option. However, if it’s last minute check out the app Hotel Tonight.

We found a deal on Hotel Tonight for just 60 dollars! Deals are posted within 24 hours, it’s a way for hotels to fill their rooms… But quite honestly, it’s also smart to check the hotel website. Because, we actually found a cheaper deal on the hotel’s page (since I have AAA). I found a room for an unimaginable price, it even had a king size bed, fridge, microwave, and free breakfast. The only bad thing was it was about 45 minutes from the convention center (where she performed). Sometimes it pays to stay out of the city…

She performed the next day and it was totally worth it. It was her best performance and the awards were definitely something to see. Even though things were a little last minute, it all worked out. The beaches were beautiful and the boardwalk was full of things to do. Plus we found some good eateries and other fun stops.

To find out more about Wildwoods, NJ, tune into the blog next week. I will have more pictures and details about the location in “part 2”. Thanks for following!

Atlantic City, NJ

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Atlantic City isn’t just gambling, beaches and nightlife. There are plenty of other things to see and do. They have unique shops and tourist restaurants, including Hard Rock Cafe, Margaritaville and RainForest Cafe (to name a few). Atlantic City also has some interesting and fun museums like Ripley’s Believe it or not. If you’re particularly interested in oddities, I recommend visiting the near by city of Margate, NJ, where you can see Lucy (a museum and building shaped like an elephant).

In this picture you’ll see a beautiful view of the colorful boardwalk and some of the interesting sights it has to offer.

Bermuda’s Churches

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Bermuda is undoubtedly known for it’s pink sands. However, it is not just beaches. It’s rich in history and culture, including it’s architecture. Bermuda has about as many churches as it has bars, scattered across the island. Each baring a unique look.

The church above is found in the city of Hamilton. It seems to depict the island well, with it’s pink exterior.

If you enjoy architecture, Bermuda has some beautiful gems. Including the unfinished church in St. George’s.

These are just two examples of the wide array of churches that are found on the island. You can easily get lost in the beauty of the Bermudian architecture.

Bermuda is known for its pink sands for a reason. It’s important to take time to visit their magnificent beaches. However, don’t overlook the rest of the island and all that it has to offer.