Atlantic City, NJ

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Atlantic City isn’t just gambling, beaches and nightlife. There are plenty of other things to see and do. They have unique shops and tourist restaurants, including Hard Rock Cafe, Margaritaville and RainForest Cafe (to name a few). Atlantic City also has some interesting and fun museums like Ripley’s Believe it or not. If you’re particularly interested in oddities, I recommend visiting the near by city of Margate, NJ, where you can see Lucy (a museum and building shaped like an elephant).

In this picture you’ll see a beautiful view of the colorful boardwalk and some of the interesting sights it has to offer.


Bermuda’s Churches

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Bermuda is undoubtedly known for it’s pink sands. However, it is not just beaches. It’s rich in history and culture, including it’s architecture. Bermuda has about as many churches as it has bars, scattered across the island. Each baring a unique look.

The church above is found in the city of Hamilton. It seems to depict the island well, with it’s pink exterior.

If you enjoy architecture, Bermuda has some beautiful gems. Including the unfinished church in St. George’s.

These are just two examples of the wide array of churches that are found on the island. You can easily get lost in the beauty of the Bermudian architecture.

Bermuda is known for its pink sands for a reason. It’s important to take time to visit their magnificent beaches. However, don’t overlook the rest of the island and all that it has to offer.

Our backyard

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As a young adult, I remember thinking that the ideal location to live would be right outside of town. An area with nature, but within minutes of town-life (stores etc.). Well, I ended up marrying my husband, who came with a house (just outside of town). It’s the perfect location. It only takes about ten minutes to get to most of the stores and gas stations. However, it’s set out far enough to have a nature view. We’ve seen deer, a variety of birds, a snake and more. But, so far, the highlight was seeing two turkeys and their herd of babies waddle through our yard.

Above you will see a view from our back window. When our yard ends the trees begin. Here my husband was able to capture a red cardinal hiding out in the branches. I love this picture, it captures the beauty and mystique of the forest.