Newport to Bermuda Race 2012


Every other year the boats line up to race from Newport to Bermuda. The year my husband and I got married (2012), we planned our honeymoon to Bermuda. However, at that time we had no idea of the race that would be going on. Well, when I looked up the area to see what type of local events were planned, I learned about the Newport to Bermuda race.

When we visited Hamilton (the capital) we could see boats sailing in and lining up. However, the best part was going to the after party (which was held at a yacht club). It was a big affair to commemorate the end of the race. Boats were lined up a long the docks and the city lights could be seen over the waters. Everyone was celebrating. It was definitely a unique and memorable experience.


The Lobster House Take 2

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My husband and I decided to take a fairly impromptu vacation this past weekend. We both had Friday off, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and drive to Avalon, NJ.

One of our favorite restaurants in the area is The Lobster House, for various reasons. We often like to stop in their fish market before heading home (which we did on this particular occasion). In fact, as a side note, we enjoyed some barbecue bacon stuffed clams tonight (that we brought home from The Lobster House). Also, they make a mean onion poppy seed roll (so delicious!).

But the fish market isn’t the only reason we like this restaurant. They have several seating choices. We often choose the outside dock seating. They have large stools along the water. And it’s extra special at sunset when your view becomes extraordinary.

We recommend stopping in if you’re ever in the area. Just be warned, this place is well liked and can fill up fast!



Macro Photography DewThis blog post isn’t about a particular place, it’s rather a look at macro-photography. This is a shot that my husband took a of couple years ago. I like this photo because it shows the beauty in even something as small as a dewdrop.

If you’re not familiar with macro-photography, it’s when you focus on an item that is small. Basically, you make it look larger than it actually is. You get to look at life in a whole different “lens.”

Do you shoot any macro photography? If so, what are your favorite things to photograph?

Birds Kissing

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This is a photo I took several years ago. The quality isn’t quite as good as some of our other photos. However, I still think it has its own charm. These two little parakeets were found “kissing” at a zoo near Boston.

My mom and I visited Boston over five years ago. And we both fell instantly in love with the walking city. The cobblestone streets, the history, the movie sites and more. We packed a lot into an extended weekend, from whale watching to visiting an art gallery. We also enjoyed having drinks at both cheers bars (I sat at Norm’s seat, at the original bar) and checking out the pastry shops, among other things.

While staying near Boston, we decided to add the Franklin Park Zoo to our list, because at the time they were filming Zookeeper (I was a big fan of Kevin James’ then). It was a fun zoo to visit, but unfortunately we didn’t run across any celebrities. But we did get a glimpse of the set. They had an area of the zoo roped off for just the occasion. That alone was kind of cool to see, even if I didn’t get to meet Kevin James.

There are places you visit and think “this is great,” but it’s probably a once and done deal. However, Boston wasn’t like that. I recall my mom and I discussing going back there some day. The weekend went by too fast and there was still plenty left to do. I hope some day to return to the cobblestone streets of Boston, relive old memories and make new ones.