Missing the OBX

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Well, it’s a new year and it’s starting to feel a lot like winter. The temperatures have been below freezing this wBeach NCeek. And I can’t help but yearn for warmer months and a trip to the OBX. So I’m sharing with you this picture which was taken during our September trip to the OBX. Fond memories come to mind and I can almost picture the sand between my toes.  Anyone else missing barefoot beach weather or is it just me?



Autumn Leaves

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A couple years ago, my husband and I took a trip to the PA Wilds. The area is breathtaking during the fall color change. You can see vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds. It’s really quite remarkable. And now that fall is on its way out, it seems like a good time to remember the beautiful start of the season. So enjoy these awesome warm colors while you can and get ready to bundle up because winter is right around the corner.


Sunset in OBX

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The night crept up on us this evening. We had prepared to ride out in the
boat to a local island. However, the four of us couldn’t all ride in the boat at once, especially with all the gear. So, my stepdad (the captain) had an Sunsetidea to basically ferry us over. My mom awaited at a local marina, as my stepdad drove my husband and I towards the island. On the way, we caught the glimpse of dolphins swimming near by. However, as we got further out from the bay we made the realization that the water was just too choppy. In the end it turned out to be a good thing, because dusk was creeping in quickly.  We turned around and were dropped off at the marina where we had left our car and my mom awaited. My mom and stepdad took the boat back to the shore-house, as my husband and I picked up the car. We beat them home just in time to catch this stunning image of the two of them arriving. Although we may not have made it to the local island, between the dolphins and the sunset, it was definitely worth the short trip!

HMPS Apple Fall Fest 2015

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The end of daylight savings time reminds us that autumn is in full swing Pumpkins 2015and winter is just around the corner. One of the things we love most about the season is the beautiful array of colors from fall leaves to festive gourds.

This photo was taken at the Haldeman Mansion Apple Fall Fest. It’s an annual event that takes place in Bainbridge, PA every October. The mansion is a historical building, birthplace of Samuel Haldeman. The event offers attendees the ability to tour the grounds and enjoy old fashioned fun. And what’s a festival without some delicious eats!? There are a number of tasty menu items including the ever popular apple dumplings. You can learn more about the event by visiting the HMPS website.

Enjoy the fall season and get ready, because winter’s coming! And no, that’s not a Game of Thrones reference.

Night Sky in Hatteras, N.C.

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So often our skies are filled with light pollution. We miss the beauty that Night Skies in OBXlies beyond the street lights. However, there are points in the OBX that allow for a better view.

Where we stayed in Hatteras, gave us the privilege of witnessing some of this natural beauty. The 180 degree view from the house allowed us to see for miles.

Nightly, we sat out on the deck enjoying the stars. However, this particular photo captured a faraway storm. The night sky would get dark and then occasionally a blip of light would be seen across the horizon.

It’s a reminder that natural beauty exists, but sometimes we have to sit still long enough to appreciate it. Our lives fly by at an incredible speed, yet we miss so much when we don’t take time to “breathe.”

The OBX Life


It’s been about a month since we went to the OBX. And we’re still missing this view. There’s nothing like starting your morning with breakfast on the deck, overlooking a 180 view of the bay. Or sitting outside for snacks while you watch the sunset. It was art in its natural state, true beauty.

The Futuro House

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This may look like a UFO, but it actually doesn’t fly at all. This object was made for land, as it was created by Matti Suuronen, a Finnish architect. He was hired by Dr. Jaakko Hidenkari in 1968.

The original idea was to make an easy to transport ski-cabin. It could then be used in remote locations and was suitable for most weather conditions. The approximate size of The Futuro House is 26′ in diameter and about 14′ high.

This particular one is located in Frisco, N.C. However, they can be found around the world. Check out The Futuro House to learn more about this iconic and unique piece of history.

Ocracoke Lighthouse


Ocracoke is one of the barrier islands in the OBX. In fact, in order to get to the island, my husband and I had to drive our car onto a ferry for transport. I’ve been there several times before; however, this was a first for my husband. We threw our bikes on the bike rack and boarded the ferry.

Once we reached the town, the lighthouse was one of our first visits. The original lighthouse was built in 1794; however the one you see in these pictures was built in 1823. It’s actually the second oldest lighthouse still in operation. You can find out more historical information by visiting The National Park Service website.

Ocracoke Inlet is a unique place. There are wonderfully electric and adorable shops, while the island is also marked with an interesting history. If you ever visit the OBX, and have a chance to see Ocracoke we highly recommend it.

Hatteras Sands

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We’ve never stayed at Hatteras Sands, but appreciate the roadside beauty. These cottages are reminiscent of dollhouses and show a great level of detail down to the matching picnic tables and flower boxes. They offer an affordable, fun and unique experience!

The cottages provide enough room for 4 people to sleep (one queen downstairs and two beds on the upper level). They also come with a charcoal grill, small refrigerator, microwave and TV. It’s like upscale camping, with a renovated bath house located within walking distance.

There are also tent sites, a single-wide trailer, cabins and rv sites, if you prefer that over a cottage. And good news for guests looking to bring a pet on vacation, this is available for an additional low fee.

Hatteras Sands is about 5 minutes from the beach. Plus, there is a park canal for fishing, crabbing and kayaking. And, there is a pool, laundry facility, large clubhouse and basketball court. They seem to have something for everyone!

Birds of a Feather in OBX

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The Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina is known for its beaches. However, it’s not the only reason people visit. OBX is made up of several locations. It’s 200 miles of barrier islands and each location has something to offer. In fact, one of the reasons people visit is for birding.

The best places for birding in the OBX are: The Elizabethan Gardens, Roanoke Island Marsh Game Land, Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, Duck, Ocracoke, Buxton and Frisco Woods.

If you’re really interested in birds, you may even want to visit the annual “Wings Over Water” festival held in the OBX. It is a week long event that takes place in October.

Although I don’t consider myself an avid birder or even an intermediate birder, I do enjoy watching them in their elements. Here are few photos we captured on our trip to Hatteras Island.