Winter Storm Jonas

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Winter Storm Jonas definitely didn’t fall short of expectation. At least not in our area! We got hit with more than 24″ of snow in two days. And most of it fell Saturday.

Our area was actually experiencing a pretty warm winter up until recently. Then it started to get colder and eventually “crap hit the fan,” and winter decided to come all at once…

Saturday felt like a never-ending storm. Snow continued to pile up and the wind was relentless. But Sunday was like “the calm after the storm.” Although the shoveling wasn’t fun, the views were absolutely breathtaking. Here are a few shots from our backyard. Did I ever mention that I love this view?!


Ducks in the Snow

nature, outdoors, Photography, scenic, Winter

I don’t know about you, but where I live, we’re currently experiencing a Ducks in Winterwarm winter. I almost have to remind myself that it’s December. We’ve had highs in the 60’s. So I thought I’d take today to reflect back on past winters. This picture was taken in December of 2012. We had an incredible snowfall and decided it was the perfect excuse to get out the camera. This is one of my favorite shots of the ones we took. How often do you see  ducks in the snow?

National Trails Day Along the Susquehanna River

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The first Saturday in June is National Trails Day, and why wouldn’t it be since June is National Great Outdoors Month. Ironically, when I made my plans for this past Saturday I had no idea about National Trails Day. But, I did end up celebrating it anyway…

My husband and I decided to take a walk on a trail by the Susquehanna River. It was a perfect weather day and the view was picturesque.

We started at Koser Park located in Bainbridge, a small community in Lancaster County, PA.  It’s actually a rather lengthy trail. However, we had started a little late into the evening, so we ended up cutting it short. In fact, the sun had started setting before we got back to our car. It made for a beautiful view and a wonderful end to our walk.