Ocracoke Lighthouse


Ocracoke is one of the barrier islands in the OBX. In fact, in order to get to the island, my husband and I had to drive our car onto a ferry for transport. I’ve been there several times before; however, this was a first for my husband. We threw our bikes on the bike rack and boarded the ferry.

Once we reached the town, the lighthouse was one of our first visits. The original lighthouse was built in 1794; however the one you see in these pictures was built in 1823. It’s actually the second oldest lighthouse still in operation. You can find out more historical information by visiting The National Park Service website.

Ocracoke Inlet is a unique place. There are wonderfully electric and adorable shops, while the island is also marked with an interesting history. If you ever visit the OBX, and have a chance to see Ocracoke we highly recommend it.