The Lobster House Take 2

food, Travel

My husband and I decided to take a fairly impromptu vacation this past weekend. We both had Friday off, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and drive to Avalon, NJ.

One of our favorite restaurants in the area is The Lobster House, for various reasons. We often like to stop in their fish market before heading home (which we did on this particular occasion). In fact, as a side note, we enjoyed some barbecue bacon stuffed clams tonight (that we brought home from The Lobster House). Also, they make a mean onion poppy seed roll (so delicious!).

But the fish market isn’t the only reason we like this restaurant. They have several seating choices. We often choose the outside dock seating. They have large stools along the water. And it’s extra special at sunset when your view becomes extraordinary.

We recommend stopping in if you’re ever in the area. Just be warned, this place is well liked and can fill up fast!

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