Longwood Gardens

Flowers, Gardens, Photography

I mentioned in last week’s post that my mom and grandma both have the “green thumb.” However, it skipped a generation with me. I like flowers, but I’m no gardener or botanist for that matter. I can appreciate the beauty and the fragrance. However, I don’t know all the names and you won’t find many flowers in my yard. So,when my mom invited me to Longwood Gardens, I agreed and thought “okay, it will be a good place to take photos.” But, I was no near as excited as other family members of mine…

It was better than I expected, in fact I ended up going back a couple months later. Because, it’s not just a green house or a garden tour, it’s an experience. Yes, you can stroll through gardens and walk the green houses. But, you can also climb tree houses,  take in the beautiful water displays, and explore the grounds. Plus, Longwood Gardens features new displays each season. They also offer a variety of events, including light shows, water displays, holiday favorites, and more!

Longwood Gardens is located in Kennett Square, PA. It’s a great location for all ages. You can choose from daily ticket prices or memberships. The events change through out the year, find out what’s happening now, by visiting their website.


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