Nissley’s Vineyard and Winery

Photography, Winery, Winter

Nissley’s is located in Bainbridge, PA, a quite community in Lancaster County. On the grounds you’ll find “an 18th century mill and winding creek.” Even during the winter, when there is no harvesting, the vineyard creates a beautiful scene, especially covered with a blanket of snow.

You can visit Nissley’s for a photo shoot, a wine tasting or to simply purchase their products. If you want a special treat, stop out at one of Nissley’s lawn concerts.

Nissley’s offers a variety of wine. Plus, you’ll find on their website: recipes and the ability to purchase personalized wine bottles. On my husband’s 25th birthday, I purchased one of his favorites “Naughty Marietta,” and put a special birthday greeting on the label. This can make for a nice, inexpensive, and tasteful gift.


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